Thursday, 2 October 2014

Portfolio Wk 1 – Portfolio Trajectory

Pitch for Portfolio trajectory

I’ve been thinking for a while about what type of photos I will be taking for my portfolio.  It’s a pretty hard ask mainly because it’s that piece of work that I’m going to be using as a showcase of my skillset as a photographer.  I am feel anxious because I really want to nail it.  I want my photos to appear professional and something that I would be proud to share.  

I posted photos in an earlier post noting the types of photos that i wish to take.  At the moment the only thing that i am sure of is that i want to take portraiture.  Hopefully along the way (through experiementing) i will be able to fine tune my ideas.

Next Thursday we are to present our approach to our portfolio project in class.  Below are the answers to the questions we have been asked to identify in our presentation:

What is your genre? 
Editorial - life - documentary portraiture.  I chose documentary portraiture because it will reflect a moment in my life.  They will signify the wonderful people in my life who have been with me throughout my journey; particularly while i have been studying.

What techniques and styles will i incorporate for these photographs?
My portraits will be taken in the studio, using different lighting techniques.  I will be using three point lighting (key light, fill light and back light).  I will be experiementing with chiarosuro, rembrant and loop lighting.

How will you approach research for this project?
I will research:

  • portrait photographers
  • lighting techniques
  • posture and poses for my subjects to try
  • how to run photo shoots
What is your plan for the next three weeks?
Wk 1
  • research portrait photographers, look for tips for running a photoshoot
  • organise models
  • practise with models taking photos outside of the studio
  • research poses, make up and hair
Wk 2

  • do a photoshoot 
  • edit photos and review outcomes with class and Caryline
  • clarify portfolio ideas
Wk 3

  • photoshoot 
  • edit photos and review outcome with class and Caryline
  • refine portfolio ideas
  • research ideas or  problems which arise from photoshoot

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  1. It might be worthwhile to get in contact with the MIT Hair and Makeup school for your project Sepa. You might be able to find a student to collaborate with on this project who can do the hair and make up for you