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Digital Tech 2 - Wk 1 Kingsize studios response

Today was an excellent day, we visited the Kingsize studios out in Grey Lynn.  Our gracious host Luke showed us around and shared a lot of great info with us.  In terms of everything he spoke about it is very easy to say that the staff are well informed and have a lot of experience in what they do.  I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to tap on their expertise when putting together photo shoots.

Background info:
Kingsize Studios have been around for over ten years, they offer the largest variety of specialised stills, HD-DSLR gear rental in New Zealand.  All their staff are working professionals with a wealth of knowledge of industry standards and technical know how.  They are available to talk you through your photographic requirements catering specifically to your needs.  They stand behind every product they supply which they have individually tested and use.
Kingsize studios offers four different shooting spaces which accomodate black out, drive in, daylight and outdoor photoshoots.

For more information check out there website
As I mentioned earlier, Luke gave us a lot of information during our tour of the studios.  Below are some of the tips that he shared with us. 
Tips :
·       Cameras used by professional photographers Canon Mark 5D, 6D or 1D – good camera for us to consider is Canon Mark 5D or 6D
·       AIPA membership for photographers – students $80 per year.  Members are a great resources to assist with photographers starting out
·       Kingsize scholarship – 12 week intense program to further develop the photographers.  Application details are availiable on web or by contacting the studio
·       Kingsize workshops and gatherings – A good opportunity to gain technical knowledge and meeting and learning from people in the industry
·        Get clued up on photography history, the greats as well as current photographers styles and work
·       Quality is worth the price tag – Clients will get what they pay for, sometimes clients need to be educated.  Great end products require a lot of consideration, technical knowledge and equipment
·       Kingsize assistant bootcamp – 6 hour program which will equip people with the confidence and knowledge to work effectively for a photographer.  The goal of an assistant is to ease the load of the photographer, so that they can concentrate on producing the best product that they can.
·       Be an assistant – This is the best opportunity to gain experience, learn techniques and styles as well as become familiar with photography equipment.  By far the best way to get your foot in the door!
·       Be persistent! – Take a chance and make yourself known to people in the industry.  This could be by volunteering as a second assistant on shoots or being an intern at a studio, attending workshops, photography events or by emailing or calling a photographer.  Be respectful of their time and be sure to read their body language.  Try not to annoy them too much, that would be the worst impression to leave someone with.
This may sound a bit of a random endorsement especially because I haven’t actually use Kingsize studios before but I really like what these guys stand for and the processes they have put in place to help those up and coming artists.   

Luke showed us some Broncolor lights and a battery pack that they had just bought in.   They choose this brand because of its versatility, mobility and of course quality.  We currently have been working with Elinchrom, so i wanted to do some research on broncolor.  I came across a "how to shoot this photo" tab on the broncolor site.  Although i don't have access to these lighting products i thought that these would be good to try out in the studio.

Heres some info on broncolor

  • The advantage of certain broncolor packs are the speed you can shoot 
  • Consistency in colour temperature and light
  • Expensive but durable and often lasts longer


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