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Wk 2 - Research Portraiture and Practise shots

Second week in and my portfolio idea seems to be moving along quite nicely.  I have had a few ideas jumping around in my head, but portraits seem to be the main stay.

At this moment i have been working with the idea of taking black and white photos of my subject in front of a black background.  Prior to my one on one meeting with Caryline i was considering a few too many ideas - My genre is editorial, my sub genre being life portraitures.  I was looking at doing:

Family portraitsIndividual portraitsSamoan traditional portraits
Caryline's response was "that's ambitious" and yes, it is.  As time is the biggest factor in this equation I have decided to focus on the individual portraits.

The photographer i have been following is Sue Bryce.  She is New Zealander currently live in LA.  She is renowned for her portrait photography and is part of an organisation called Creative Live.  Creative Live is about empowering creative people push their limits.  They provide…

Nick T response

Nick Tressider or Nick T as he was introduced is a photographer based in Parnell specializing in food photography.  He generously opened his doors to our class to share his insights of photography, colour theory and the secrets of making it in the commercial world.

His body of work is meticulously crafted to present an array of beautifully captured images.  As a new photographer his advice regarding client care and understanding the ins and outs of your equipment is something that i will take away with me.

Here is come advice Nick T shared with us:
Know what your offeringphotography is a saturated market, do your research! look at the current trends and find where you fit in  Touchpoints - How you interact with othersPay attention in how you present yourself - "People judge you from the very moment you put yourself out there!".  Communication is multi-faceted online, electronic mail, telephone conversation, text messages, facebook status...Potential clients could be made in …

Digital Technology 2 Wk 2 - Evaluating an image

Evaluating an image - What do i see? How do i read it?
Book:                 Click Portraits of New Zealanders                 Reg Graham 2006 About the Author: Reg Graham is known for his photographs of people involved in the arts.  Graham captures the personalities of over ninety of the influential and compelling artists of the last decade.
His portraits are black and white and have been described as giving the viewer a “fascinating and intimate glimpse into the characters of his subjects”.  His photos are taken in a context that is familiar and important to the subject.  He uses natural light with minimal photographic gear.
Photo:                 Peter Nicolls, Sculptor                 Taken at Dunedin Polytechnic

What do I see?
The subject is sitting on the floor with his legs and arms crossed.  He is wearing a checkered shirt with the colour turned up and pants.The subject is leaning up against a sculptor.  In the background there are realms of paper, planks of wood of different size…