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Digital Technology 2 - Week 1 Photographic genres

On we looked at different photo genres. 

Four basic photographic categories
  1. Creative (fiction) allow a significant element of fantasy.  These types of images allow significant of retouching.  Primary ethic is aesthetic, "whatever looks good goes"
  2. Retail (fiction and non fiction) focus on services to the end user
  3. Personal (tends to be non-fiction) recording of personal memories and for private use
  4. Editorial (non-fiction) non-fiction and record reality in a more objective manner.
Bruce and I worked together to complete the class tasks below are the answers to the questions
Which genres require more photo retouching?
Creative genres
Why do you think this is?This is because the images have fantastical elements which require careful thought and arrangement

What photographer from last term fits into an editorial genre?
Lewis Hines is a photographer who shot life as a photojournalism/reportage for political reasons.  His photos documented the social injustice of child labour.  He also was commissioned as an investigative photographer for the National Child Labour Committee.

We defined his photography as Editorial:
Sub genre Life - photojournalism/reportage- Political, Documentary - Documentary Portraiture, Social Documentary.

What approach/style does he use in his photography?
Lewis Hines shot in large format, black and white.  His photos where of people, portraiture.  Many of his photos used leading lines, rule of thirds and narrow depth of field.  However the depth of field depended on what he wanted to focus on.  His images documented people in their natural environment, more so the lower, working class and how they lived during those times.


What photographer from last term fits into the creative genre?
 Tsunehisa Kimura created his images using photomontage.  His montages often contain themes of surrel urban destruction and chaos, or a mix of man-made monuments and natural phenomena.
Which creative genre do they fit into?
Tsunehisa fits into fine art - still life
What approach/style does he use in his photography?
Tsunehisa uses fore mid and background to add contrast to the image.  He also uses rule of third and leading lines to help portrait his message.  He places well known sites and objects from around the world into his images. Tsuneshisa uses his own images, and directs a team of photographers and art directors, then he assembles their stills into a new scene.

Can you think of a photographer who fits into the creative Fine Art Genre?
 David La Chappelle
Could this photographer fit into any editorial genres as well?
David La Chappelle has also taken editorial photos.  His images can be viewed as social documentary photos, depicting his view on society and the many influences of technology and human nature.

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