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Portfolio Choosing the images - Wk 4

Wk 4 Sara Orme Response

Sara Orme
Commercial photographer
Photography influences - Art history referencing paintings
Passion for sociology, documenting and narratives
Always looking for the unconventional

Don't be complacentCollaborate (learning and working with others)Never let gear stop you from moving forwardThink about your concepts (reference to history, classical paintings or portraits etc...)Challenge yourself and your subjects (push out of the comfort zone)You're the boss, its your vision take ownership of your shootsBe aware with whats happening in the worldTry to stay relevant, keep reinventing How Sara's advice relates to my photography The thing that really struck a chord in me is her commitment to challenge herself.  I really admire her commitment to understanding what's going on around her.  Especially as she works within an ever changing environment (fashion photography).  From my end what i would practise is to reflect as much of my subject as i can.  Not get to comforta…