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Portfolio Wk 1 – Field trip to Wallace Arts Centre, Pah Homestead

Our task was to find three different works and talk about the presentation. Work No 1: Name of work and artist: Allan McDonald Aperture: Cuba Street 2014, Elliot Street 2013, High Street 2013, Pitt Street (Service lane) 2014 Four digital C prints collection of the artist
How does the presentation affect the way you view this work? All four of these photos are taken through windows, the viewer of the pieces are looking out, as if from the window itself.The light in the pieces are flat, giving the colours a softer, duller tone.A real view of the buildings and objects.The presentation of these frames connect the viewer with the photo.You feel a part of the scene, as if looking out from that room.
Would you use this type of presentation for your photography and why? I would use this type of presentation to draw my viewers into the scene or to delve into my subject.The pieces were quite large prints and framed without a stroke or space between photo and frame.Which would allow the viewers t…

Digital Tech 2 - Wk 1 Kingsize studios response

Today was an excellent day, we visited the Kingsize studios out in Grey Lynn.Our gracious host Luke showed us around and shared a lot of great info with us.In terms of everything he spoke about it is very easy to say that the staff are well informed and have a lot of experience in what they do.I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to tap on their expertise when putting together photo shoots.

Background info: Kingsize Studios have been around for over ten years, they offer the largest variety of specialised stills, HD-DSLR gear rental in New Zealand.  All their staff are working professionals with a wealth of knowledge of industry standards and technical know how.  They are available to talk you through your photographic requirements catering specifically to your needs.  They stand behind every product they supply which they have individually tested and use. Kingsize studios offers four different shooting spaces which accomodate black out, drive in, daylight and outdoor photosho…

Back to school - Wk 1

I am looking to portraiture of family and friends.
I wanted to look to the 40s and 50s as inspiration, i love the elegance and beauty of this time.  I also love the lighting techniques, which captures a depth and mystery to the subject.  I really want to produce a portfolio that is timeless, beautiful and elegant. These are some of the photos i wish to reproduce.

A photographer who i really like is Yousuf Karsh.   His portraits are amazing.  My favourite is that of Ernest Hemingway. The lines on his face emphases a man of substance and thoughtful.  He appears to be strong yet personable.  I really like how Yousuf captures his subjects, they often feel intimate and honest.  Those are the types of photos i want to take.

Digital Technology 2 - Week 1 Photographic genres

On we looked at different photo genres. 

Four basic photographic categories
Creative (fiction) allow a significant element of fantasy.  These types of images allow significant of retouching.  Primary ethic is aesthetic, "whatever looks good goes"Retail (fiction and non fiction) focus on services to the end userPersonal (tends to be non-fiction) recording of personal memories and for private useEditorial (non-fiction) non-fiction and record reality in a more objective manner. Bruce and I worked together to complete the class tasks below are the answers to the questions
Which genres require more photo retouching?
Creative genres
Why do you think this is?This is because the images have fantastical elements which require careful thought and arrangement

What photographer from last term fits into an editorial genre?
Lewis Hines is a photographer who shot life as a photojournalism/reportage for political reasons.  His photos documented the social injustice …