Sunday, 28 September 2014

Back to school - Wk 1

I am looking to portraiture of family and friends.
I wanted to look to the 40s and 50s as inspiration, i love the elegance and beauty of this time.  I also love the lighting techniques, which captures a depth and mystery to the subject.  I really want to produce a portfolio that is timeless, beautiful and elegant. These are some of the photos i wish to reproduce.

A photographer who i really like is Yousuf Karsh.   His portraits are amazing.  My favourite is that of Ernest Hemingway. The lines on his face emphases a man of substance and thoughtful.  He appears to be strong yet personable.  I really like how Yousuf captures his subjects, they often feel intimate and honest.  Those are the types of photos i want to take.

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  1. Beautiful photos Sepa. Have you had thoughts about how you will approach the lighting? You might want to search the library for some books or start looking online for tutorials.