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Wk 1 - Jodi Cobb

 Artist: Jodi Cobb  Country/Year: Japan 1995: Publication: Women Photographers at National Geographic Description: Sealed lips symbolise the enigmatic beauty of the Japanese geisha

Ive always been fascinated by Japanese culture.  I find it so delicate, intentional and thoughtful.  It is a country in which i would love to spend my time in soaking up all its traditions and history.  I love the contrasts and similarities that it has with my own culture by way of symbolic ritualisms, the respect for people and nature and the richness of history told though stories and songs. 

This photo instantly drew my attention because of the richness of the red lips.  The deep colour soaked into every curve of the lip reflects this idea of intention and thoughtfulness.  I think of an ideal or persona which the subject must play- the lipstick outline smaller fuller lips, portraying a picture of what is beautiful.

Wk 1 - Richard Avedon

Date:May 6, 1957 Medium:        Gelatin silver print, printed 1989 Dimensions:      7 15/16 x 7 13/16" (20.2 x 19.8 cm) Credit Line:Carl Jacobs FundMoMA  Number:        473.2009Copyright:© 2014 The Richard Avedon Foundation Website:
My impressions: What can i say - it's Marilyn Munroe! There's been so many images of her taken.  I like the emotion this photo captures.  The vulnerability and frankness of the subject is evident and can clearly be seen in this frame.  I chose this because this is the kind of images that I would like to capture.   

Wk 1 - Duane Michals

Title:Marcel Ducharsp
Artist:Duane Michals  Year:1964 Medium:Photograph Website: Description: Marcel Ducharsp lived behind my apartment on Tenth Street when I lived on ninth street
My impressions of the photo: I chose this photo because I liked the layering effects of images.  I am also drawn to the absence of colour.  There is a promise of something more.  From the window, the building reflection and the subject. This photo could have been taken in the Victorian times.  I also wonder how this photo was taken and how much direction or interaction there was with the subject.

Wk 1 - What is photography? and What does it mean to you?

what is photography?
•Capturing life

What does that mean to me?
Photography means

Photography to me is a very personal thing for me.  I see it as an internal conversation, where I get to share in a moment with someone else.  Without the pressure to produce anything other than what I believe to be real or special.  Photography has always been interesting to me, but I have always been overwhelmed by the technical knowledge or the price of camera equipment.

I’ve taken photos over the years but nowhere near where I want my photos to be.  I guess that could be because of my camera, but I've always believed that it’s the person that makes the photographer not the camera – so in essence regardless of the camera, the images should be able to speak for themselves.

What does photography mean to me? Well in a sentence – it is an opportunity to see what the photographer wants you to see.