Thursday, 31 July 2014

Vantage points

Wk 2 - Vantage Points

Week 2 - woooowzers i honestly feel like i've been doing this for a lot longer then just two weeks.  I'm still finding my feet, and trying to keep on track.  So far so good, just need to keep practicing!

Yesterday we went on a class trip - a short one, just up the road to the Otara town centre.  The aim of this trip was to take some photos from different vantage points.  Vantage points are the varied angles in which you can take photos such as high, low or even straight on.

Here are some high and low angle shots that i took:

High angle shot

f/4, 1/125, ISO 100
 This is a shot of a ponga log, one of many which is used as a fence.  I like how the light contrasts with the darker areas.  It highlights the rough woody texture of the log.  The grouping of circles give the log a curved fan like appearance as  though it has been pulled together and tighten further down by a string like a bouquet.
f/4.0, 1/200, ISO 100
This shot was taken on a wooden lounge chair, which sits with other wooden furniture by the playground at the Otara town centre.  I really like this shot, the curved lines are soft the angle gives are flattering to the subject.  It evokes a sense of serenity and peace.

Low angles


f/3.5, 1/1600, ISO 100
This shot was taken of the sculpture piece which stands at the entry of MIT Creative Arts building.  This angle gives a perspective which gives the piece a sense of strength and dominance.  The lines shooting into the sky further reinforces this.

I'm looking forward to practicing more on my angles.  Ben Long from speaks about vantage points helping you see mundane things from a different perspective.  That speaks volumes to me especially as a newbie, sometimes i get so swayed by an idea of a photo that i miss an opportunity to capture a moment or subject which might may be the best shot i've ever taken.

f/4, 1/100, ISO 100
Here is a low angle taken of Jaeden while he was exploring the climbing web.  This angle is not very flattering on women,  but a lot better for men as it gives them a stronger 
Here is a high angle shot.  A lot of selfies are taken as high angle shots and we all know how to take advantage of this angle.

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