Thursday, 31 July 2014

Wk 1 Francesca Woodman and Richard Avedon - Shutter speed

Theme: Blur and frozen movement

This week we are looking at blur and frozen movement.  Shutter speed - what we know is that the shutter speed controls the duration of the exposure.  Meaning how much light is allowed to reach the sensor.

Less light (1/1000 sec) - is a fast shutter speed.  This allows for movement to become frozen
More light (1 sec) - is a slow shutter speed.  This allows for the shutter to stay open longer producing images where movement is blurry.  These are often used for artistic images.

Francesca Woodman an American photographer who is best know for her black and white picture of herself and female models.  Below is an example of a slow shutter speed, where Francesca is moving.

Untitled - 1975-80 Francesca Woodman

Space, Providence Rhode Island - Francesca Woodman
Richard Avedon - American fashion and portrait photographer.  He is known for breaking the photography boundaries in the fashion and political world.  He was able to capture the rare emotion and unique essence of his subjects.  In addition to his work in the fashion world, Avedon was a master in portraiture and worked in political photography as well.
Veruschka dress - Richard Avedon 1967
This is an example of a fast shutter speed shot - capturing the subject in motion

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