Thursday, 31 July 2014

Wk 2 Fore, Mid and background Artist

Herbert List 

(October 7, 1903 – April 4, 1975) A German photographer,  who was a classically trained artist began taking photos during his travels as an apprentices coffee dealer for Heidelberg coffee dealer in 1921 while studying literature and art history at Heidelberg University between 1924-1928.  These photos were taken at his leisure without any reference to his artistic knowledge.

His work is influenced by his fascination with surrealism and his love for Bauhaus art.  A combination of craft and fine art.  Photographing still life and his friends.  His work have appeared in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Life and Magnum Photos.

This week we are looking at the photographic elements of fore, mid and background.  Having details in these three areas helps lead the viewers attention around the picture and hold their eye so that they can move back and forth the picture without getting bored.

Title: Switzerland Lake Lucerne, Artist: Herbert List, 1936

 Here is a great example of fore, mid and background.  The glasses in the foreground draw the viewers attention, the ripples in the foreground add motion and texture.  The contrast of light and dark, reinforced by the glasses are mirrored in the mountains sitting in the background.

Title: Greece Cyclades Naxo Island Poseidon Temple Cella Portal 1938 Artist: Herbert List Medium: Photograph
I really like this photo - its reminiscent of Greek mythology and the amazing structures which were created to house the deity statues.  The doorway in the foreground is a very linear structure because of this it resonates with rigidness and strength.  In the mid ground the water with the piece of land  stretching out forms a line directing the eye toward the mountains it background.  All three elements form a continual cycle which keeps the viewers attention for longer.

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