Sunday, 7 September 2014

Wk 7 - Lighting Chiaroscuro, Rembrandt and Loop

This week our class worked on the different types of lighting which can be achieved in the studio.  The three we will be looking at is:


    • Translated as Chiaro (Clear) and Oscuro (Obscured)
    • This is a contrast between light and dark to add depth and dimensionality

Example of Chiaroscuro

f/8, 1/200, ISO 100
To achieve this photo, we positioned the light on the side of Dona's face, we adjusted the light position to get the light sitting on half of the face.  I used the photo from google to mimic this lighting technique. 

To add drama i tweaked the exposure.  The original photo was darker, so i adjusted the exposure to add more light in the light area of her face.  I also removed some of the blemishes on Dona's face which the light showed.


    • Half of the face is well lit and only a small triangle of light appears on the opposite side of the face
Adele - Rembrandt lighting

f/8, 1/200, ISO 100

To achieve this shot there was a light positioned on her side of Dona's face.  This light sat at a 45 degree angle from the subject.  It also was raised about 40-45 degrees until the triangular shape appeared on her face.  A back light was directed on the background to bring light to the back of the subject. 

With this photo i converted it to black and white to emphasis the Rembrandt lighting.  I also adjusted the exposure to bring more light into the lighter parts of Dona's face.  I also adjusted the contrast to balance the dark and light areas.  I used the spot healing tool to remove the blemishes which showed up under this lighting technique.


    • Light is set a bit above eye level and around 45 degrees to the camera

Loop lighting example

f/8, 1/200, ISO 100
 To achieve this shot, we used a front and back light.  The front light sat slightly to the left of the subject.  The subject was directed to move her head in various positions until loop lighting was achieved.  I also moved around the subjects face to capture the loop lighting from different angles.


With this photo i converted it to black and white.  I adjusted the exposure and contrast to bring more light to Dona's face.  I also removed the blemishes on her face to stay consistent with the other photos as this lighting showed up the blemishes more.

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