Friday, 8 August 2014

Wk 3 - leading lines

Line and Patterns

I've enjoyed looking at these elements.  I've been surprised at some of the photos that I've taken by using them.  It's really exciting and has giving me a lot of direction in the sense of how to compose my shots.  For some who loves clean lines and slick architecture i'm drawn to strong lines and patterns.

Leading Lines

A leading line helps direct the eye through different elements of a photo.  Usually they start at the bottom of the frame and guide the eye upwards and inwards.  Usually a leading line will take you toward the main subject.

What I'm finding to be difficult is defining what my subject is going to be.  When we do exercises, i understand the task, i just get so bogged down on how to do it right that i often end up doing the same task over and over again.  Time consuming i know, but in a way it gives me time to process what I'm doing.  The pressure i put on myself is to perform at the same rate as the more experienced photographers in my class - yes, yes.... I'm learning not to conform.  It's a work in progress.  Anyway I'm feeling a lot more confident each week as i learn different elements of photography because it's giving me a better understanding of my camera as well as challenges me to become intentional in my approach to compose photos.

f/3.5, 1/125, ISO 100

For this photo i used a narrow depth of field, my subject was the piece of wood.  This is my example of leading lines and pattern.  I like this photo because of the shadows that it captures, it gives the path a bit of a mysterious shady feel.  I took three similar shots of this scene changing the shutter speed, obviously each of them had different exposure to light.  They all looked as though they were taken at different times of the day which i thought was pretty cool.

Below are the other two photos of the fence.

It's a bit flat in terms of subject matter.  The subject doesn't have anything exciting to create interest for the viewer.  The textures on the wood are too little and cannot be easily seen.  The lines in the image beckon me to go away from my subject rather the towards it, i guess that would be because of the space that i created further along.  I think i would probably try different angles and orientation of the camera and see what results i get from that.

f/25, 1/15, ISO 100
This photo was taken using a wide depth of field, the lines are direct and move the eye straight through.  I reinforce the line by including the shadow of the bridge.

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