Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Digital Tech - Wk 3 Day 2

Photoshop - In class exercises

Continuing on from our last class focusing on colour corrections, our exercises was to select some images and make changes in camera raw.

Our first exercise was to use the basic panel to colour correct an image - below shows the before and after shot.
f/22, 1/10, ISO 100
As you can see the colour changes hide some of the imperfections (btw i've just cleaned my sensors so the dust particles have been taken care of) as well as provide vibrant colours in the photo.  First of all i darken the exposure, this gave a darken the background give a deeper blue and green.  I then played around with the temperature and tint to give the photo a warmer look this also helped to match the background and subject. 

Ex 2 - Convert an image to B&W using Camera Raw
f3.5, 1/1250, ISO 100
 Converting to B&W was pretty simple, when the image was converted it looked a bit bland.  I wanted to highlight the strong lines of the pole which is contrasted well with the blue of the sky.  In the second photo i want to focus on the worn wires.  By lightening the exposure you can see the texture of the pole as well as the worn wires which adds more interest to the photo.

Ex 3 - Colour correct and sharpen an image in camera raw

f/5.6, 1/125, ISO 3200

Being a novice in photoshop doing this exercise was really cool.  Before i would have just discarded any photos that were underexposed.  The changes i made were to give the image more light which i did in exposure then i changed the white balance to tungsten because the photo was taken under normal bulb lighting.  I then sharpen the image by adjusting the noise reduction options which helped to soften the grain

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