Friday, 5 September 2014

Wk 6 - Flash Artist

Jurgen Teller

A German artist, fine art and fashion photographer.  He is noted to be "one of the few top photographers left who does not retouch his photographs".  He is considered to the most important photographers of this generation.

Here Jurgen Teller uses direct flash on his subject.  There is a little shadow from the flash under the chin of the dog.  The background is over exposed leaving both the dog and roses looking blown out.  I'm guessing that the Jurgen Teller is taking the photo with one hand whilst holding the dog in the other. 

Title: Pettitoe, Suffolk 2011 Artist: Juergen Teller Medium: Photographs C-Print Size: 16x20in (40.6 x 50.8cm)
Title: Kate Moss, Gloucestershire, 2010, No 4, 2010 Artist Juergen Teller Medium: Photographs c-print Size: 16x20in (40.6x50.8cm)

 In this photo Jurgen Teller uses diffused flash.  He may have used a diffuser as the light is even and soft.

Ernst Haas

An Austrian born photo journalist and renown pioner of colour photography.

Using flash and blur Ernst Haas captures a bird in flight demonstrating the complex moment and the perfect geometric shapes the bird makes as it glides through the sky.The flash and blur emits the flash light at the end of the shot which is shy the body of the bird is visible at the front.  You can see why hes the kingpin when it comes to colour.

Title: Bird in Flight, Norway 1959
This is another example of flash and blur.  Taken at the start of the race, the bodies of the swimmers are perfectly captured as they touch the water.  The swimmers, splashes of water, surfaces of the diving board create leading lines which depict high energy movement.

Title: Swimmers, Olympic, Los Angeles 1984

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