Thursday, 4 September 2014

Seeing exercise

I tried both of the seeing exercises and came away with different experiences.  The first seeing exercise was to name everything in sight with the wrong name.  I did this exercise while i was walking through the bush at Totara Park in Manurewa.  I did this for over five minutes.  This was a bit of a mission - i felt as though i was concentrating so hard at trying not to name things by their correct name that i literally was exhausted.  When i completed this exercised my vision seemed to be quite grey.  I don't know if that was because of the exercise or just the change in light from the shade of the bush to the open space of the car park.  I didn't feel as though i saw anything differently - but i must say when i got home i totally crashed out.

The second seeing exercise was to identify an object in my peripherals but not look directly at it.  After five minutes turn and look at the object.  The object i chose was a framed saying which hangs in my kitchen.  When i finally looked at the frame the image seemed to come right out towards me like a three dimensional image.

I also saw things i didn't notice before - my eyes were drawn to the middle of the image.  I actually saw more detail in the picture.  I saw cutlery on the table that i didn't notice before.  I also saw that there was more than six chairs.  Below is a photo of the frame. 

 I found this exercise better than the other because i actually could see a difference, with the other exercise the only thing i noticed was that i was tired after it.

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