Sunday, 24 August 2014

Wk 5 - Light Artists

Hellen Van Meene

A dutch photographer.  Her photos consist of mostly portraits of girls and young people.  She uses natural light and shadows to frame her subjects of which she is well known for.  Working with girls with no experience in model, and directs their poses.  She shoots in square format and operates from a medium focal range.  Being square photos the images can appear quite static but with the use of strong lines in the photographs from the walls, stairs as well as the lines casts by the light gives it more depth.

Artist: Hellen Van Meene
Artist: Hellen Van Meene

What i like about her photos is that she uses only natural light.  I like how the light is strong and defines the spaces that it covers.  I don't really know how to view the subjects in the photos, their poses seem unnatural.  NY Times (2005) describes her work as "seeing her subjects as the raw material of her own fictions."  I get that these are directed poses and from what i've read about her work they are her perceptions of preadolescence or innocence.

Larry Sultan

Title: The Sailor who fell from grace 1995 Artist: Larry Sultan Medium: Photograph Format: 977x1200 
  "L.A. light, that kind of foggy, smoggy, soft light—I miss that. It’s the light of my childhood. There are certain sounds, feelings of the air, and all of that which you can’t photograph but you can find the equivalent of, in light." - Larry Sultan

An American photographer who  uses a mix of documentary and staged photography to create images of the psychological as well as physical landscape of suburban family life.

Larry Sultan uses shadow and light in this photo to showcase the brilliance of the ships fire as well as illuminate the face of the sailor.  I like how Larry captures the reflection of the ships fire and also the movement of the fire.  

Title: Palm Springs, Sprinklers 1991 Artist: Larry Sultan, Medium: Photograph, Format: 1000x810
In this photo Larry Sultan captures the light shining through the water.  These shadows create lines which extends to the shadows of the trees on the grass. 

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