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Assessment maybes - wk 6

For six weeks we have been learning different techniques of photography namely:
  1. Shutter 
  2. Aperture
  3. Vantage point, Fore/mid/background, leading lines
  4. Framing and compositions, rule of thirds
  5. Texture and positive/negative space
  6. Colour, focal length
  7. Light
  8. Flash
  9. Three point lighting
On top of that, we also learnt different techniques to edit our photos in photoshop

Below is a couple of photos that i'm looking to use for my assessment which i think reflect my understanding and application of some of the different techniques which i've learnt over the past six weeks.

f/5.6, 1/200, ISO 200
 Titled: Lovers Lock

What i used in this shot was a narrow depth of field - to focus on the subject (which are the locks), i like the negative space which mirrors the roughness of the locks.  This is seen in the texture of the wood and the deteriorating paint of the iron rails.  I also like how their is a pop of green which comes through the spaces of the chair.  The green of the grass works in conjunction to the wood and curved lines of the iron which leads the eye easily around the picture.

Present in the picture is pattern, seen in the wood and bolts.  There is also contrasting colours which are bathed in the sunset light forming a shadow frame around the locks.  In photoshop i adjusted the exposure, pulled some intensity to the colour - but i'll check with my teacher to see if this is a worthy shot.

f10, 1/250, ISO 400

Titled: Dancing light
In this photo i focused on capturing the fire - i adjusted my shutter speed and aperture to compensate for the lack of light.  This photo was taken at night.  I like movement which is captured at this speed, there is a slight echo of this seen at the top and middle of the picture.  The leading lines are very linear, going across the flame and up.  It almost looks as though this is a museum piece, some sort of sculpture framed in the case.

For this photo i aimed to capture the full length of the flame, framing it in the cage which surrounded it.  I didn't manually adjust the white balance but left it in auto.  The patterns of the cage is seen more clearly in the black and white photo.  I used a wide depth of field to capture as much of the subject.  This also darkened the background.
The photoshop additions - are conversion to black and white.  I also cropped the flame to emphasis the flame and make it larger.

f/4.5, 1/60, ISO 800
I can't use this photo - but it one of my favourites.  This is a picture of my nephew.  I used a narrow depth of field, he has contrasting colours.  His face is on intersecting lines (ROT).  His expression is priceless - i caught him just after he had a wee cry.  He's beautiful!!!

f/3.5, 1/160, ISO 100

Contrasting colours
Leading lines
Shadows mirroring the web - leads the eye back to the subject
Low angle
Negative space - background of the sky brings attention to the subject
Environmental? - child on playground 

f/13, 1/250, ISO 100


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