Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Wk 1 - What is photography? and What does it mean to you?

what is photography?
Capturing life

What does that mean to me?
Photography means

Photography to me is a very personal thing for me.  I see it as an internal conversation, where I get to share in a moment with someone else.  Without the pressure to produce anything other than what I believe to be real or special.  Photography has always been interesting to me, but I have always been overwhelmed by the technical knowledge or the price of camera equipment.

I’ve taken photos over the years but nowhere near where I want my photos to be.  I guess that could be because of my camera, but I've always believed that it’s the person that makes the photographer not the camera – so in essence regardless of the camera, the images should be able to speak for themselves.

What does photography mean to me? Well in a sentence – it is an opportunity to see what the photographer wants you to see.  

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